Summer is Racing Along (Bellingham, Roslyn, Greenwater in WA)

Photo courtesy of Adam Leahy

Photo courtesy of Adam Leahy

Here’s how to start the week off right on your Voodoo Sobo:

· Sunday: a 15-mile race through wooded groves in Bellingham, Washington

· Monday: a 30-mile, get-lost adventure in central Washington’s West Fork Teanaway wilderness near Roslyn

· Tuesday: a climb up above 5,000 feet on Sun Top for a scenic photo shoot overlooking Mount Rainier.

On Sunday, July 12th, the 17th annual Padden MTN Pedal race at Lake Padden in Bellingham, Washington, brought out the local talent to frolic in the blustery, surprisingly cool weather. The half hard-pack, half-loamy course was roller-coaster fast, and the few short but steep climbs made this race a “roadie” fave—except for a few surprise technical sections. Thanks to all the nice men who pulled over to let me pass on the downhill side, and thanks to Mark Peterson and the course designers for including a few crucial sections of technical trail punctuated with roots and small drops, not to mention a thrilling sequence of switchbacks carved like smiles all the way down the mountain foothill:)

Photo courtesy of David Waugh

Photo courtesy of David Waugh

Local pro Russel Stevenson of BRI won the open men’s race, with Eric Tonkin riding into second place for Kona. The women made up a small but fast field, and after five undulating laps my hot, fire-truck red Sobo steamed in second, just a minute or so off the lead.

blog photo meadow crossing

Then on Monday I took my Voodoo and went exploring near Roslyn, Washington, with some friends. Here we are, bushwhacking through a mountain meadow. Don’t let rainy Seattle fool you; central Washington is way drier than the Seattle side of the Cascade Range.

blog photo river crossing

Although it doesn’t look like it from the hike-a-bike pics, I did, in fact, get on my bike during our ride. Here I manage to pick my way from stone to stone over one of several creek crossings without getting my feet wet. Surprisingly, neither of the gentlemen I was riding with offered to carry me across. Ah, the chivalry…

Finally, on Tuesday I headed south from Seattle toward Mount Rainer to climb Sun Top (over 5,000 feet) for some photo ops. Is this gorgeous or what? Just don’t look down.

Photo courtesy of Colin Meagher

Photo courtesy of Colin Meagher

Until next time—Angela + Sobo =:)

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